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Commerce Casino Introduces Dealerless Poker

Commerce Casino is all set to introduce brand new dealerless poker tables, the new tables are ran completely electronically, without a live dealer. The new tables will also bring the introduction of Sit N go styled poker tournaments to the casino that is already known as the largest poker offering casino in the world, currently housing more than 200 poker tables.

The new Lightning poker tables feature virtual cards and virtual poker chips in addition to the computerized dealer, much like you find in online poker games, while still allowing the human feel to the game. Players still sit around the poker table, facing each other, taunting if they choose, or hiding behind shades, the difference, there will be no cards to hold, no chips to shuffle.

As soon as the table is full, and the buy ins are paid, SnG tournament players will electronically receive their cards, electronic bets will be placed, and a sit n go tournament, just like we find when playing online poker will commence.

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