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Major Software Upgrade At Absolute Poker

If you’ve played at Absolute Poker more than once, you’ve probably been through at least one software upgrade, it seems nearly every time I open the software I have to wait for an upgrade, however… AP has announced a big upgrade in new Absolute Poker Version 8.0 software.

Absolute Poker is so excited about this new software update that David Clainer, the company’s senior VP said, “We’ve officially unleveled the online poker playing field,” stated David Clainer, senior vice president for Absolute Poker.” Clainer continued to say “Our players have asked for innovative features and we’re thrilled to deliver them all in this release.”

Updates included with Absolute Poker 8.0 include:

- State of the Art Graphics Updates
- Multiple Poker Table Views (3)
- Expedited Card Dealing
- Resizable Tables
- Improved Multi Table Functionality
- More Mouse Function
- Align and Arrange Tables with a click!

Clainer also assures us that the poker room is now more visually appealing and will appear “more attractive” to both new and old players alike.

As per the norm, current Absolute Poker’s existing players will be invited to download the software update the next time they log on.

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3 Responses to “Major Software Upgrade At Absolute Poker”

  1. LadyHoldem Says:

    I played at Absolute Poker last night, it was horrid! Not only am I a creature of habit, so just naturally irritated that all of my buttons are moved all over the place, but it just doesn’t even look the same! It looks like all the other poker rooms now.

    And.. Where’s my custom skin! The little auto muck tick box .. I couldn’t find it.. How am I supposed to decide to show an in your face bluff at the last minute now! Can’t just untick the box :P
    On a more positive note, it was fast, like WOW omagosh … lost old lady, hair flying off .. fast! You can also kind of choose your favorite seat.

    It’s not so much that you’re in the seat, but the table will spin around so that you’re located on the screen where you want to be, then if you bust out of a tournament, when you get back up again the table spins real fast, and everyone is back where they belong :O

  2. Rob Says:

    Thanks for your input LadyHoldem. The auto muck checkbox is still there. It was moved when they updated but if you login today you should get a prompt for a new update that puts the checkbox back where it was before.

    I admit the update was kind of surprising for me. I play at AP everyday and big changes like that throw me off guard. I am getting used to it now and I like it a lot better than it was before. Especially the ability to resize the poker tables.

    If you think that it looks like all the other online poker rooms then I don’t think you have really checked through the skins. Right click in the table window and you will have the option to download skins. Click it and you will be taken to the AP website where you will see the different skin categories in the right column. Check them out. I am sure you will find one or two you like.

  3. LadyHoldem Says:

    Oh I didn’t even find the skins! I’m sure all of the younger poker players on the site will love this new look ;) .. but I’m going to go and look for something a little… quieter :P

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