32Red Casino Review

32Red Casino Review

First Deposit Bonus: 100% up to $100
Bonus Terms: Varies
Average Payout: 97.03%
U.S. Players Allowed: NO

Players that are looking for a superior online gaming experience need look no further than 32Red Casino. In an industry hampered by constant company bankruptcies, suspicion, complacency and many other negative aspects, 32Red Casino has really brought up the level of honesty and customer service that is associated with online casino companies.

User Benefits

The most important benefit to the user is the safety and security that is associated with 32Red Casino. Not only are they experienced in online gaming but they also have a poker site, skill game site and sportsbook site as part of the same online network. This ultimately serves to create a higher amount of security which is ultimately extremely beneficial to the user.

People that enjoy roulette specifically will like playing at 32Red Casino. As you might be able to guess from their name, roulette is the signature game at 32Red Casino and their software offers both European and American roulette, resulting in maximum versatility for the customer. Add to that the fact that you can play online or offline and the users really have everything that they need to play their favorite games in any method or manner that they desire.


The initial promotion offered by 32Red Casino is the $100 welcome bonus.  While many online casinos will offer larger bonuses (some even as many as 20 times that amount) you will find that the 100 pound bonus offered at 32Red online casino is a lot more reliable and a lot more beneficial to you as a user. Firstly, it is a lot easier to clear, meaning that you can get the money much more quickly.  Secondly, casinos that offer such large deposit bonuses tend to be ones that either go belly up really quickly into their existence or else ones that are outright scams. 32Red Casino understands how to run a casino that is profitable for them but also very safe for you. Users benefit greatly knowing that 32Red Casino is constantly searching for ways to make promotions better for their clients and having an easy to acquire and reliable welcome bonus is just one way of doing that.

In addition to their welcome bonus, 32Red Casino is able to help their clients in many other ways with other promotions. A quick look at their website will show you monthly bonuses, reward programs and special weekly promotions. For a person that loves their promotions, 32Red Casino is one of the best online at it.


32Red Casino is part of 32Red PLC and operates their casino under a gambling license granted by the Government of Gibraltar. Their payout percentage in December 2006 was 97.03% and for people that are interested in researching historical data, they publish month by month accounts of their payout percentages on their website.

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