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Taiwan Considers Taking a Wager On Casinos

Hoping that the luck of a casino will rub off on them like that of their neighbors Macau and Singapore, an official said that Taiwan is considering wagering on casinos also to hopefully help with their tourism trade. Macau passed Las Vegas in gaming revenue last year and Singapore casinos has helped boost their property market as well so now there are plans for Taiwan to enter the casino industry as well.

A senior planning official said, “We are soliciting opinions within the state planning commission and after we’ve come to some consensus, we will also discuss the plan with other ministries.”

Taiwan has still got a ways to go though. Even if the cabinet gives its ok, the proposal still will face tuff competition in the Taiwanese parliament.

This is not the first time Taiwan has considered a casino. In 1990 they a casino was considered on the offshore island of Penghu, but opposition from legislators and some residents worried about the casinos social impact, halted the idea.
Media reports say that this proposal plans to issue licenses for casino operator in Pengu, and counties in the countries south, Chiayi and Pingtung. Declining further details, an official said, “We will give priority to the weaker economic areas for the licenses.”

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